Football fans

Football fans are the most passionate group of fans in the world.

They don't just like to watch their favorite teams play in games, they like to feel a personal connection and some fans take it personally, almost to hear when their favorite team loses. This is why it comes as no surprise when we learned just how much football fans were spending in some of the top cities for football events. If you had to guess, how much do you think is spent in Liverpool every single season by passionate football fans?

If you guessed 44m, you are correct. Coming in third right behind London and Manchester, fans like to spend a lot of money on travel arrangements, accommodations, entertainment, drinks, food and transportation in the city. The tourism sector in Liverpool is absolutely booming and it's all thanks to the Premier League fans. Liverpool and Everton both generate well over 40m every single season which greatly helps the city's economy and brings more tourism to the city.

This is in part because there's two Premier League sides. You have Liverpool and Everton. This puts Liverpool greatly ahead of Birmingham which brings in just over 30m. A lot of regular tourists also come back during Premier league as well. Some of these people are from Northern Europe, Holland, Belgium, Norway and Ireland. Premier League has been shown to provide more revenue for all of the combined UK's cities than every other league featured in Europe.

This is nearly half a billion pounds in revenue from fans. While there are 14 million spectators, there's approximately just shy of 1.5 million traveling away fans. Why is this? Well, London has approximately five of the top 20 Premier League clubs. They have West Ham, Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea and Crystal Palace. The London economy sees a 135 million increase during the Premier League for traveling away fans.