Louis van Gaal needs to win a trophy and fast

Louis van Gaal has not managed to lift a single piece of silverware for Manchester United since his appointment as the head coach back in May of 2014.

In all fairness, the Dutchman had a difficult job to do when he was selected to succeed David Moyes and so far the team does get far better results than they used to with their former coach.

Even with all the progression that has been seen in the team, something which is non-existent is the trophies. The Dutchman still has not secured a piece of silverware despite having spent a substantially large amount of money in signing players and improving his squad.

To make matters worse, Manchester United was knocked out of the Champions League in a fairly disappointing way as they lost against Wolfsburg but now have the possibility of competing in the Europa League and start winning some titles.

Manchester United are one of the top contenders of wining the Premier League but they can’t afford to continue dropping points. On December 12, United suffered a shocking 2-1 defeat when playing against Bournemouth and a few months ago earlier in the season they lost against Swansea City.

These are not the result that a club which has spent over €250 million in transfers wants to see happening.

If Louis van Gaal undergoes another trophy-less season, his destiny might be sealed as being sacked is a realistic thing that can happen and this is why winning the Europa League title should be taken seriously as it’s their most likely and easier competition to win.

The survival of the Dutchman in Old Trafford will be immensely influenced by what his players can accomplish in this season, if they are lack-luster there is a big probability that it will be the last season of Van Gaal in the hot seat of Manchester United.