MLS Commissioner Don Garber says that the likes of Jermain Defoe, Thierry Henry, and David Beckham are the kind of players MLS needs in order to grow as the top league in this region. Since its launch in 1994, MLS has come a long way especially in the last decade.

This has been primarily attributed to the arrival of David Beckham in 2007. He played for five years in the league, which has previously not got major attention from European regions. Now, it is one of the popular destinations for pre-season tours and scouting players.


With the 2014 World Cup edging nearer and nearer, coaches of every national team is preparing their best players and formations which they are going to use for the worldwide competition.


Former Manchester United star David Beckham says that manager David Moyes is someone who will do well at the club when he is given the time. Moyes took over from Sir Alex Ferguson, who stepped down from his role after 26 years in charge of the club, in the summer.


David Beckham wore the Manchester United jersey for 10 seasons becoming one of the most important players in the history of the club and despite his recent negotiations with Major League Soccer surrounding the English former footballer, Beckham still has time to speak his mind about what he feels David Moyes will do with the club.


David Moyes has been under a lot of pressure since taking over from Sir Alex Ferguson at the start of the season. Results have not been good and United already themselves a significant number of points behind table leaders Arsenal.

This has started to talk about United failing to retain the title, but Moyes has received backing from one of Manchester United's greatest players in the last two decades. David Beckham has said that he feels Moyes is a good manager, who is capable of doing the job at United.


Superstar footballer David Beckham recently announced his retirement from the sport after glorious years with the likes of Manchester United, Real Madrid, and AC Milan. He has achieved a lot in football.