Petr Cech talks about how he stops strikers from scoring goals

PetrCech is arguably one of the best goal-keepers in the history of football who manages to perform at a high level in every season and it has not been any different this time around as he was able to secure 15 clean sheets in 33 appearances.

The veteran player was even named as the Czech Republic player of the year as he continues to display his world-class skills even at the age of 33; he has not shown any signs of slowing down.

The £10 million summer signing of Arsenal has recently revealed details as to what he does in order to stop as PetrCech said: "There are many ways you can intimidate people during a game. With your aggression is one way, but nobody likes to have no time. You press them all the time and put them under pressure. Any player that has time and feels comfortable to control the ball and play, obviously can play much better.’’

"If you don't give them the time and put them under pressure, then it becomes much more difficult. I try to find ways not to give people the chance to feel comfortable in a situation when they face me, then it means they might not get a goal. You have to believe in yourself. You have to believe that what you are doing is the right way when you go to the game and you are ready."

Upon signing his contract with Arsenal on 2015, PetrCech penned a 4 year long deal with the Premier League and even though it has not been a very prolific or memorable season for Arsenal, the player hailing from Czech Republic is happy and he is expected to continue being the undisputed shot-stopper of Arsenal for the next few seasons.