Return to Arsenal is possible

Cesc Fabregas went from hero to villain as he captained Arsenal for some time and for a period of time, the Spanish midfielder was hailed as a hero for the Premier League club but Fabregas turned into an antagonist for the Arsenal supporters after he decided to join Chelsea back in 2014.

The Spanish midfielder is a regular starter in the team of Guus Hiddink but even though he has established himself fairly well in Chelsea, there is always a stream of rumors going on involving Fabregas and the possibility of him making a return to the Emirates Stadium.

Chelsea is going through a declining moment with Jose Mourinho being sacked and replaced by the Dutch coach Guus Hiddink who has slowly been pushing Chelsea away from the bottom relegation zone. At one point Chelsea had shorter odds on going down than on winning the league, with odds in the same ballpark as England's Rugby Union side winning the World Cup according to the latest StanJames betting calculations!

Since arriving to Stamford Bridge, Fabregas has gone on to win a number of titles but in a recent questions and answer session that he had with Gerard Pique, the Spanish midfielder was asked if there is any chance for him of making a return to the Emirates Stadium and wear the Arsenal jersey and use it to compete at a high level with his former club, the Spanish midfielder replied by saying that its possible but very difficult and this is mainly due to the fact that he has lost most of his supporters along the way of his playing career.

Even if Fabregas would indeed want to make a return to Arsenal, it seems highly unlikely that Chelsea is interested in offloading one of their star players who has helped them in securing vital points in what has been a season to forget for Chelsea.

Fabregas is considered to be as one of the more talented and skillful players in Europe and there is no real reason of why Chelsea is going to be remotely interested in offloading the experienced midfielder.