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Chelsea are getting a leader in Hakim Ziyech, confirmsMokhtar

Youness Mokhtar has commented that Chelsea has acquired a leader by signing Hakim Ziyech to the team. He was transferred from Ajax on a deal for £33 million with Eredivisie has called off all their matches he will be free to join the club soon.

The Morocco international is expected to make a positive impact on Chelsea and everyone is looking forward to seeing him repeat what he has done for Ajax in the past years. Mokhtar comments that he has the characteristics of a leader. In the pitch, if the team is lacking he tends to lead them and make them better in the game.
If one can win his trust then he will be giving his full attention to you. He never forgets anything that is being told of him to the media by others which is not true. He is straight forwardto you if one is to him. He also added that he likes to play jokes and is easy-going once you know him.

Rio Ferdinand expects Jaden Sancho to join United

Rio Ferdinand has commented that Manchester United should sign a deal with Jaden Sancho soon and present him the number 7 shirt. United has been closely linked with a transfer deal regarding him. They are also looking forward to signing other players but Ferdinand wants Sancho to be their first preference. They are ready to spend a huge amount to bring Sancho to the pitch if Old Trafford.

Premier League still in the limbo about restarting after Covidpandemic

With the football leagues suspended for nearly two months, the committee is putting forward discussions on the resumption of the games. Premier League will mostly be resumed by June 8 and the football committee hopes to finish the season by the end of July. The English league was suspended in the middle of March and the clubs have called up a meeting on this Friday to discuss further complications regarding the resuming of the game.

Arteta’s intervention could result in pay cut

Arsenal’s proposition of wage cuts is getting more positive traction, as per the new reports. They have offered 12.5 per cent wage cut for a year with the incentive that if the team qualifies for Champions League then full payment will be given but the players were against the decision. If they have agreed to the deal, it would have resulted in a wage cut of £25 million from their annual wage £230 million. But the new report confirms that the players are replying positively to the deal.